Operations Management

We serve clients who have challenges in operations management:

  • Where product management over the life cycle is vital to the business.

  • Where product quality and supply chain management over the product life cycle is important.

  • Where after-sales support services and product logistics is key to enterprise success.

  • Where effective maintenance management or asset management is important to meet company objectives.

  • Where improvements in customer service and customer satisfaction are needed.


Product Management   DefProduct management is a process or system used to manage the data and design process associated over the life of a product from its conception and envisioning through its manufacture, its use, to it's retirement and disposal. PLM includes data, business processes, manufacturing processes, and anything else pertaining to definition of a product.

Product Service    DefProduct service is the combination of people, processes and organization used to insure the product operates as intended while in control of the customer.

Logistics Support   DefLogistics support is the function of people, processes and organization necessary to ensure the availability and use of all resources required to sustain and maintain the full effectiveness of the product operating as intended while in control of the customer.

Maintenance Management   DefMaintenance management is the function of keeping products in, or restoring them to serviceable condition such as the tasks of servicing, inspection, test, adjustment-alignment, removal, replacement, etc. to keep the product in working order or to restoring it to normal operation.

Asset Management   DefAsset management is the function of identifying, locating, tracking, maintaining and disposal of all real property and all specific items related to a function normally of value to the organization.


Our services provide immediate value to the client.

  • Projects can be short term or long term but have a short payback period.
  • We provide the kind of expertise not normally available on a typical staff.           
  • We can see a pressing project forward to a faster completion.

Our projects "save money in the short and long term".

Operations Improvement

  • Product Lifecycle Control  

  • Product Support Business Model  

  • Business Process Integration  

  • Supply Chain

  • Dashboards, Scorecards,
    Metrics, & KPIs  

  • Product Maintenance Management  

  • Asset Management  

  • Logistics Integration  




Customer Satisfaction

Operations management requires an effective P-D-C-A cycle (Deming), a DMAIC cycle (Six Sigma) or other closed-loop feedback for customer satisfaction. This is true whether a firm is using the ISO 9000:2000 standard, the Baldrige criteria or other business model.

We have a series of Packaged Services engagements - centered around our "Customer Service Maturity Model" - that measures, analyzes, and closes the loop on improving customer satisfaction.

Packaged Services

  • Assessment
  • Review
  • Audit
  • Advanced Data Analysis

Custom Scope Engagements

  • Performance Measurement
  • Premium Data Analysis

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